Friday, October 29, 2010

Mastitis Round 2

I can't believe it.  Yesterday morning the mastitis came on hard and's scary how fast it hits.  My ob wanted me to come in and she admitted me to the hospital for IV antibiotics.  I had hopped to come home after 2 doses but my white blood cell count was too high (23).  I had to stay for at least 24 hours.  Let me just say I feel like a pin cushion.  My veins are very hard to get, then my first IV went bad and I had to get another one.  A total for 4 sticks for the 2 IV's and then 2 blood draws. 
Then antibiotics through the veins burns!!!!  I was so glad to be done and come home. 

I'm still dealing with a fever and redness/pain on my breast.  I'm hoping and praying when I'm done with the 10 day antibiotics I have this will be GONE!


The Cormier Family said...

I am sorry that this is happening to you again, how frustrating.
We will keep you in our prayers.

knockedupknockedover said...

Wow Janet. Mastitis is horrible. And as a fellow HGer, I know horrible. It is amazing how fast it hits. I went from fine to nearly passing out from fever in about 5 minutes. It was incredibly intense.

I hope that this clears up quick for you with no follow-on thrush! Good for you for being on top of the probiotics!