Thursday, April 1, 2010

Make Your Own Diclectin/Bendictin

I've been thinking for a few days that I should write it out how to make your own Diclectin/Bendictin, in case there is someone out there needs to know.  Many OB offices will tell you as well.

1 tablet of Diclectin/Bendictin is:
10mg Vitamin B6
10mg Doxylamine Succinate (Unisom, make sure it's not max. strength)

Buy a bottle of 25mg vitamin b6 and the regular Unisom sleep tablets (25mg round blue pill)

In the AM take:
1/2 tablet vit. b6
1/2 tablet unisom

In the Afternoon take:
1/2 tablet vit/ b6
1/2 tablet unisom

At bedtime take:
1 full tablet vit. b6
1 full tablet unisom.

At this dose you are taking 2 unisom tablets a day.  At first you will feel pretty tired but after a week or 2 your body will adjust to it.  You can take up to 3 unisom tabets a day.
You can always call up Motherisk and talk to them about how much you should be taking.  They are very knowledgable on the subject.


thehills said...

So only 10mg of B6?? Hmmm. That doesnt seem like a lot at all, but I guess it works. Ive been taking 100mg B6 and I dont know if it has been working or not, I mean, I dont feel NEAR as sick as I did with my DD.. I've only vomited twice the past week, and even then the nausea was only for about 5 mins before then. Throwing up made me feel better.

Janet said...

10mg is what is in each diclectin tablet. You can take up to 200mg of b6 (or b6 combo)a day.
For me b6 alone does nothing for the nausea - I tried it in my first pregnancy. But it does help a lot of women and maybe it will help you. If you start to get really sick, know that you can add more unisom. Also the really, really sick take zofran with the diclectin/bendictin. Hope you don't feel too bad!

thehills said...

Yes, I have been taking B6 (100mg 1 x a day) ever since I found out I was pregnant and I take Unisom at night. I hope it is helping... I got pretty sick today so I took a Zofran, too. I feel ok, not near as bad as last pg, but Im only 6 weeks in. We'll see! :)

Merry Nutrition said...

The Nutrition Almanac has a warning about taking individual B vitamins. B Vitamins are so related in function that they may be theaputically useless or cause a deficiency unless taken with a balanced B complex. If you are taking 10mg of B6 you could use a 100mg B comlpex. B6 and magnesium ( helps to calm the nerves ) often work to avoid nausa. The P5P form of B6 is easier for the body to use. B6 helps metabolize proteins and supports liver function among numerous other functions. A baby's liver is not totally up and running until after the first trimester.