Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We are ready for baby now!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

35 Weeks

Everything is looking great!  I am no longer on restrictions and can be up and about.  Baby is free to come when it wants to.......I keep telling myself that I will probably go late, though I hope it's not true.  My hips hurt so bad and one would laugh to see me walk, or my attempt at walking. 
For some reason (and I'm fine with it) I have not gained any weight in the past month....but my stomach keeps getting bigger and is stretching my clothes to their limit....hmmm, I wonder how big this baby is going to be.
I'm trying to prevent my episodes of low blood pressure.  I've had a couple times where it was about 86/54 and was very dizzy.  I've actually never experienced a room spinning before.  Gatorade was recommended and I did drink some, but would prefer something more natural.  I found that the packets of Emergen C has what the Gatorade does and a lot more good stuff (and no junk). 

We have the baby stuff out and it feels good to ready for baby.  Still waiting on the new crib and that is due to be delivered on Tuesday.  Bags are packed for the hospital, carseat base is in the car..... we are ready!

Friday, August 20, 2010

34 Week Appt.

Everything is looking good with baby, but the best news is that my cervix has not changed since last week.  We are now 2 weeks out from the fFN test and baby is still cooking! 

I couldn't have asked for a better appt. 
Thank you Lord!

Friday, August 13, 2010

32 1/2 weeks

It was such a busy week with apptointments, but I must say the ultrasound was so enjoyable!  To see our little baby was just great!  I asked the tech if possible, if she could get me a foot picture and this is what she got:
How sweet is that?!

Ok - Baby is going GREAT!  First u/s was wrong.  The baby does have a 3 vessel cord and I do not have placenta previa - yay!
Other news is the FFN test they ran came back positive and that means there is a chance Baby could come within the next 2 weeks.  Cervix is starting to soften and dialate, so I'm now to take it easy and get plenty of rest - ha!  How can I rest, if I can't sleep at night?!  It's so frustrating not being able to sleep.
We are praying baby will stay put for at least another 3 weeks, making me 36 weeks along.  It will be much better for the lungs and less of a chance Baby will need to be in the hospital. 
The u/s put Baby's weight at 4lbs 10 oz!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Picture of Baby!

    Profile with hand above face and to the left.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What a Day

It started last night with lots of contractions that continued this morning.  We finally decided to call the doctor and like we thought, they had me come in.  Thankfully the contractions are only braxton hick contractions and not the real ones. 
But, there was the possibility that my water was leaking.  Up we went for an ultrasound to check the fluid level.  That turned out okay, but we were then told they only saw a 2 vessel cord for the baby.  Good news in the baby's head is down, but so is the placenta and they were not able to see exactly where the placenta is.  Right now they have me using some test strips to see if my water is leaking.  Then on Tuesday I go for another ultrasound to check for placenta previa and also a full anatomy scan on the baby. 

Now I'm just trying not to worry and praying that everything is okay with the baby. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It' August!

I got to thinking that if baby comes a few days early, I can now say we might have a baby next month!!  I start to stress out just a little as I have nothing out and ready for this baby.  Our new bedroom, is at most, 3 weeks away from being finished.  You better believe as soon as the carpet is in, the crib is getting set up and baby clothes will be washed and put into the changing table, all the little diapers laid out, burp clothes ready, etc.  I can't wait!!

As for me, I had an appointment last week and every looked great. Baby is very active and the heart rate was between 139-144.  We are pretty sure the head is down, but just to be safe we will be having an ultrasound on the 27th.

I have thoughts going through my head these days about what this labor will be like.  My worst fear is that it will be as long and hard as my last baby (which was my first labor since baby #1 was a c/s).  I have so many people tell me second labors are so much faster and even my ob wants us to start the almost hour drive to the hospital as soon as things get going.   I really don't think I can handle over 24 hours of med-free back labor again. 

As for the HG, I am still taking 1 diclectin a day and plan to until I give birth.  I have a day here and there where I just don't feel great and fight some nausea, but it's nothing like it was in early pregnancy.  Fatigue is really setting in and not sleeping at night is making it much worse.  I have to say that the aches and pains (expect my feet) are very mild as I've been seeing my chiropractor for the past 10 weeks.