Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taking A Deep Breath

And I don't feel sick anymore!  It's all gone.

I no longer have that yucky taste in my mouth
I can drink a glass of water whenever I want and it doesn't make me throw-up
I can eat anything, instead of looking for something "that might stay down"
I can let myself feel hungry and not get nauseous.
I can bend and it doesn't make me throw-up
I can take a long hot shower and not feel sick
I can sleep at night
My heartburn is gone
Most of the restless leg syndrome is gone

Yes, I'm still very much recovering from the birth but to be done with HG is wonderful.  As hard as it was, my baby was worth it.  So far he is a great sleeper only waking once a night.  I pray it continues. 


Sleepwalker said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling? What was you first proper meal? I couldn't face the toast and tea after I'd just had baby but appetite and keeping food down + rolling nausea going away felt wonderful and non-metallic-tasting water was refreshing. It is so quick isn't it? It just goes away completely. I'm with you though, it's all worth it for baby. I love being a mum and I'm contemplating going through it again, just laying down some reserves first.

Janet said...

I had a huge breakfast less than 3 hours after he was born - it was wonderful and I ate it all!
I agree that you should lay down some reserves.... my first was 11 months old when I got pregnant with #2. I was still nursing her and I'm thinking it was so hard on my body and that is why the HG was so much worse. The saddest part was I was forced to wean her at 13 months old :(

Larissa said...

I absolutely believe in recovering from pregnancy - and giving the body time to restore all it's nutrients and return to normal. I've heard that takes a good 18 months. I bet that is why your second pregnancy was so difficult!

I am thrilled that you are feeling so much better!