Monday, February 22, 2010

8 Weeks Today

Oh, where to start?  So many thoughts in my head today. 
I'm 8 weeks today and when I think back to 8 weeks in my last pregnancy, I remember being in tears.  My body was hurting so bad because I was dehydrated and unable to keep any food down and I feared miscarrying.  This time not only am I not down any weight, I've gained 2 pounds!
And the biggest thing is that I am showing!  My clothes no longer fit - this is so new to me.  With Eliana I was half way through the second trimester before needing maternity clothes and with little Penn I was about 15 weeks.  I keep telling myself, it's because it's my 3rd and everything is stretched out :)

I am beyond thankful for the Diclectin, even though it's not taking away all the sickness it's helping tremendously.  HG started 3 weeks ago tomorrow and I've only thrown up 12 times.  That may seem like a lot, but it's not coming from someone who threw up 6+ times a DAY with the last 2 pregnancies.
I find myself feeling nauseous most everyday and have to keep still (I spend a lot of the day on the couch) in order to not throw-up. Even bending over to put dishes in the dishwasher is risky.  My house is showing a lack of attention these days, as I can only do the bare min.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband who has pretty much taken over the kitchen duties.  From doing dishes, feeding himself the kids and me (though he is thankful for the meals Mimi makes for us!) and cleaning up.  I don't help him at all for the bath/bedtime routine.  He even is braiding Eliana's hair for her!  I started braiding it when it got long to help prevent tangles, and when I was unable to do it, he took it on himself.  How sweet!!

This week we have our first pre-natal appointment.  I am excited and am hoping to hear the heartbeat.  We heard Eliana's at 9w5d and I will only be 8w4d, so it's probably not very likely.
Every week I pull up a picture on the internet of what our baby looks like to show the kids.  They really enjoy that along with talking to baby most everyday. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost out


I'm almost out of my Diclectin :(  I placed a reorder on Feb 5th, but as of today's mail I haven't gotten it.  If I cut back and take one at bedtime tonight and tomorrow, I will have a full dose for 2am thursday.
I will have to get some unisom if it doesn't come tomorrow.  I wonder how well the b6 and unisom will control the HG?  I'm not looking forward to the effects if it doesn't. 

Word of advise - place your reorder way before you need it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


  I think at this point it is fair to say that the diclectin is making my HG manageable. Mornings are still hard and it's no earlier than 10am when I get my shower, but the rest of the day is a little easier. I'm still gagging a lot during the day, but in the 10 days that HG has been here, I've only throw-up 5 times.

The hardest thing is dealing with food. I am having a hard time in the kitchen. My poor kids, sometimes I feel like I'm just throwing whatever food I can their way and by no means is it a complete meal. My 3 year old comes from the pantry with a box of cereal asking me if he can eat it - poor baby! Of course I say yes and he is soooo happy.  I am thankful for my wonderful husband who is stepping up in this area and feeding us.

My mom has the kids this morning, so I was able to pick up the messy house and run the vacuum. Now, I am ready for a nap. I can't believe how tired I am! I go to bed right after the kids (about 7:30) and get up when they do at 7 and I'm still tired. Can't wait for the 1st trimester to be over and I get some energy back

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ups and Downs

That's what it feels like I've been going through.  I have been praying and pleading with God to spare this sickness from me, to have mercy on me.  The first day I took the diclectin, I was so exctied since it took all sick feelings away.  My best guess is that as the HG was getting worse everyday, the diclectin was not working as well.  After much reading on motherisk (a Canadian website), I learned that I was taking the min. dosage of diclectin and often times women who have more severe m/s are told to take more. 
So, I doubled up on the tablets (after an awful day on Sunday) and I am pleased to say that it is helping.  I am by no means "perfect", but at least I can function - something that was not the case with my other pregnancies. 

**Canadian studies have shown that taking up to 12 diclectin a day does not change the baseline risk of 1% to 3% chance of birth defects in ALL pregnancies.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good News!

As you saw by my post this morning, I ended up starting the Diclectin today.  I got up and 6:30 this morning and came rushing downstairs to eat some almonds.  They seamed to take the edge off, but less than an hour later they were in the toilet. 
It took a little while to get over all the sick feelings from the morning, but as of right now I can say that I feel GREAT!  I know that's it's probably too soon to make a good judgment if it will work all the time and only time will show me that. 
I had wondered if the drug would make me tired, since I was told by some who made their own OTC version that it knocked them out.  I am happy to say this has not been the case for me.  I'm tired, but that's because I'm in the 1st trimester and I'm not sleeping well at night. 

We've know about this baby for 2 weeks today and during that time when I felt 'not pregnant' I would tell my husband "oh, wouldn't it be great to feel this good the whole time?!"
Needless to say I was disappointed to feel the start of sickness yesterday.  But at least it is telling me that my body is pregnant and Lord Willing, we will have another baby in 8 months.

I pray that the Lord will give me the strength of Job to get through the pregnancy even if the diclectin does not work.  He never once complained aobut his hardships. 

Diclectin Day 1

The subject says it all....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Morning Sickness

Has begun  :(
I'm fighing it by eating little bits of food ALL the time and  splitting my 50mg of B6 in half so I can spread it out more during the day. 

I will wait on the Dliclectin until I actaully start to throw-up.