Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Yet

For all you who are wondering, I have not had the baby yet :( 

Went in for an appt this morning and the timing was good because baby hardly moved yesterday and last night.  They sent us for a BPP u/s right away and it confirmed baby is not moving much at all, but baby is healthy.  There was enough fluid, baby was "breathing", heart looked good, etc. 

We were given the choice to go in and have my water broken on Thursday morning or wait a while longer.  I am still contracting (talk about SORE muscles!) and am 4cm.  Even though I've done so much reading and research on VBAC induction, I plan to do more this afternoon as we have to get back with a decision today.  

Please pray for wisdom for us!


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Niki said...

Good morning, let us know what you decided. Sorry to hear this, your bundle of joy will be here soon. Your post allows us to understand HG more, thank you for the details of HG and your experience as well.

Larissa said...

I've done all that reading and research too as you know, Janet. I will be praying for you as you try to figure out what to do.
If it were me - and I know you already know this ... I wouldn't do anything to induce. I would wait it out. It's hard at the end - you remember how excruciatingly painful my hands were - but my doctor wouldn't do anything at all to get things going. As hard as it was to wait - I am so thankful that I did. The results were a quick labor and delivery.
Praying for you, my friend!