Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wilhelm James

born 9:42am, 10/6/2010
9 lbs. 13 oz.
22 inches
14 3/4 inch head!


Larissa said...

A precious "big" boy ... but he still looks tiny! :)

Congratulations Linder Family! He's a miracle and an amazing blessing!!

Sleepwalker said...

He's beautiful. Many, many congratulations! Wishing him every good thing and every blessing. What a marathon getting him here, hope you get some form of rest despite having a new baby to care for. You've been so strong and brave, well done on delivering him safely.

Niki said...

Congratulations to you all. He is a beautiful boy. We have 25 more weeks before my grandbaby gets here, and I'm sure she has a long ways to come. Waiting to here if the new doctor will be giving her a picc line. She ran out of zofran and she is in between doctors, new appt next Thursday with the high risk doctor. She just called a while ago and is getting sick, so I am sure a trip to the er is in her future. Get some rest and enjoy the new baby.

Janet said...

Niki -- I hope the new doctor can help your daughter. Is there anyway she can get some meds before the appt next week? Has she tried the unisom/b6 combo?

And a big thank you to everyone for all the congrats!!

Niki said...

She has tried seabands, B6, other things and nothing works. I am updating my blog soon, we were back in er again last night, and she has meds now till she sees the doctor this coming Thursday. We had a big scare last night in er w/her.