Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Update

I'm still pregnant!  I think baby doesn't want to make up its mind on whether it wants out or not.  
Yesterday I was having so much pain I called my ob.  She said it was sounding like the baby was in really bad position and putting a lot of pressure on my cervix and hitting my femoral nerve - that baby has a lot of nerve to give me that kind of pain when I'm not even in labor :) 

I've been cleaning and organizing like crazy, walking a lot, drinking red raspberry leaf tea...... and waiting!

Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appt and I plan to have him apply pressure to the "labor pressure points".  He told us he has sent women away in labor.  Maybe that will be me tomorrow?

As for some HG news - I'm 3 days into not taking any Diclectin!! 


Larissa said...

Your #3 sounds just stubborn as my #3!!
I was having all sorts of false labor with that boy and he still ended up coming after due date!

Soon, soon, soon!

Sleepwalker said...

My baby as in an oblique presentation so I had to do my belly dancing for 3 hours to shift her -was told to do that or go up and down the stairs for an hour. Have you been examined to check baby position? Things moved along quickly once she shifted. Hope things progress soon for you. Have you got a tens machine?

Anna =) said...

Hi there! i was just thinking about you....hope you are hanging in there! It won't be long now, if baby hasn't popped already! =)

Janet said...

Sleepwalker - baby is actaully in a 'good' position for birth since it dropped weeks ago and is at 0 station engaged - aka sitting on my cervix. Problem is it is able to hit a nerve that really really hurts :(

Hi Larissa and Anna :)

Sleepwalker said...

I'm getting repetitive - already told you about oblique and belly dancing in this post. Hitting a nerve must be really painful, huge sympathy. I hope baby moves into a more comfortable position for you. How were your other labours?