Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Moon Not Working


And I can't sleep since the insomnia hit at 2am.  All that I'm getting are really strong BH, a baby that is alternating between kicking me under my ribs, stretching its little legs ALL the way to my side and hiccuping.

I was so hopeful last night that I would be holding my baby today.  How can I be 80% effaced, 3cm, baby's head lower than 0 station and not be in labor?  What's holding this kid in?

Larissa, she stripped me knowing how uncomfortable I am and it was the least intervenative (is that a word?) way to try to get some labor going.  She really can't believe I haven't gone yet.  She will only do this or break my water to encourage labor - nothing else for which I am thankful.  It was with this practice last pregnancy when I was using the midwives and they mentioned pitocin!! That was when I switched to home birth.  Funny how an ob can be more "midwife minded" than some midwives!

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Larissa said...

My OB with Rosalie (and also with Aaron) was very much like that, Janet. But even with my hands in the pain they were in ... he wouldn't do a single thing to help get things going. He told me that if he tried to do anything, he feared that I wouldn't get the results that I wanted. (I was in so much pain from my hands that I was close to agreeing to have him pull Rosalie out of my ears!) LOL

But - stripping the membranes is a much better alternative to pitocin!