Saturday, September 25, 2010

39 Weeks

 So far today I have:

Gone grocery shopping
Vacuumed my house
Mopped my floors
Cleaned and vacuumed my van
Done laundry
Cleaned 2 bathrooms
Walked outside a LOT
Still having a LOT of cervix pain and the spotting continues today.

Hmmmm, just like a watched toaster never pops.  A watched pot never boils. 
A watched 9 month pregnant woman never goes into labor. 


Larissa said...

I'm not watching ... I'm not watching... I am not watching!!

Soon, soon, soon!

Janet said...


Sleepwalker said...

Time for a rest then. Xxx

The Cormier Family said...

You are so cute! Seriously, we are trying not to watch!