Saturday, May 29, 2010

Needing to Rest

Well, first off I have been feeling great without a trace of sickness for a couple of weeks now!  Praise God!  Yesterday I was brave and cut out another diclectin.  Here I am on day 2 of only taking 3 tablets and I'm still doing well.  I have never felt this good during pregnancy and it is an answer to prayer.  I really wanted to be able to enjoy being pregnant.

The only bad thing is that I am finding it easy to over do and that is what happened today.  We did a yard sale with my parents (they live next door) this morning and this afternoon I was helping my DH organize the garage.  It was then I experienced 2 very powerful contractions and was sent to the sofa by my DH.   It was then that I realized I had only had 2 glasses of water all day.  I started drinking water like crazy and resting.  I've had 1 more strong contraction and lots of little ones.  Hopefully after a good night's sleep they will all stop.

So, that is my update for this week.  I had an appt. on Monday that went great.  Baby's heartbeat was 166 - maybe a girl? :)

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Larissa said...

It's so easy to overdo it when you actually feel good! I am so glad that you are getting to experience and enjoyable pregnancy!