Monday, May 10, 2010

19 Weeks

Just one more week until I hit the half-way mark!  Baby is very active but mostly at night - I'm really praying we don't get another non-sleeper.  For the most part m/s is gone, though I still have times when I feel sick, but thankfully I haven't thrown up in a few weeks.  I'm working on lowering how many Diclectin I take a day. Just today I came up with a plan to take 4 a day.  It would be great if it works at this dosage because I'm tired of being tired from the medication. 

We've had an above normal Spring here in New England with temps touching the 90's already.  The leaves have been in  full bloom for about 2 weeks now when normally they would not be until the end of May.  Even my tulips are done already!  Our pool is completely open and ready for swimming, that is if you don't mind 68 degree water :)
I really started to panic about what this Summer is going to be like if it's this warm now - I already do NOT handle the heat well and add pregnancy to that and I just may live in our pool.  I've been struggling with my low blood pressure the past few weeks.  I've always had low blood pressure but it goes lower when I'm pregnant causing me to feel very week and light headed.   It's really hard to stand for a long time, like when I'm working in the kitchen or ironing.  I've done some reseach on the internet and one thing I found was to increase my salt intake.  This is very interesting because when I was pregnant with my first I started craving salt and salty foods and with all 3 pregnancies I've craved french fries - now I know why!

Other news is we have to look for a new crib - ours had been recalled :(  I'm really sad that all of our children will not have slept in the same bed, but on the other hand I am thankful nothing happened to them while they were in the crib.   I really like the style of our crib and hope we can find another one we like without having to spend big $$. 
Here is a warning from CPSC about ALL drop side cribs.  I think it's possible that sometime in the future they will end up recalling all drop side cribs.  Our recall had to do with the mattress support frame and the drop side breaking. 

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