Friday, May 21, 2010


It's 85 degrees today here in Vermont.  Let's just say this pregnant mama is HOT!


Anna said...

I hope you can keep comfortable! I remember the heat when I was pregnant with Lydia and was SO uncomfortable. This time around hasn't been so bad for me, I'm rather enjoying it....but I can certainly sympathize.

Janet said...

Thanks Anna. I actually took the kids and we went into the pool! The 70 degree water cooled all of us off in no time. I am thankfull to have the pool this summer and will look forward to the day when Penn puts in the a/c.

Hey, it's going to be a hot week and if you and Lydia want to come for a swim PLEASE come!!!

Crystal said...

Hi just thought I would say thanks for keeping an open blog while having HG. I found this while stuck in bed with baby #3. I have had HG with all my babys. My HG has also been easing up here in week 13 (a big change for my pregnacys) so reading that yours is almost gone is uplifting. Thanks.