Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Have A Heartbeat!!

It's always a great appointment when you get to hear the heartbeat!  It was a long wait to 12 1/2 weeks, but hearing that wooshing sound made it worth it.  It was nice and strong at 164 beats per minute.  If the old wives tale holds true (and it did for our first two), then this baby will be a girl!  Just what our daughter wants.  And hubby and I wouldn't mind another little pink bundle :)

The only yucky part of the appt. was having to get my blood drawn - it proved to be just as hard as ever to get blood.  After fishing around in my arm for the vein (that loves to roll away), he had to try the other arm.  At least it's done with until 28 weeks. 
Everything else was great and I got another Rx for Diclectin.  So, it's another 4 week wait. 

What a great way to end a not so great week (the morning sickness has returned to me this week).

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Larissa said...

YAY for an awesome heartbeat!! On a side note - the heartbeat wives tale never held true for mine. Rosalie's heartrate was just like my boys.

Are you planning to find out whether boy or girl before the birth?