Monday, March 1, 2010

First Prenatal Appt!

We had our first appt on Friday and it went very well!  It was just too early to hear the heartbeat, but my uterus was measuring right on track at 8-9 weeks. 
This was our first time seeing an OB as we used midwives the other 2 times.  She was really understanding of our desire to stay low intervention.  Actually, the one nurse said "wow, it's refreshing to hear you don't want an ultrasound. Normally the question is 'when can I have my first ultrasound?'"
As for my popped out tummy, she assured me that it is the baby (or uterus) and not all fat - lol! That makes me feel better about wearing maternity clothes.

Our next appt is March 26th, right when I will be starting the 2nd trimester and we should hear the heartbeat then for sure. 

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