Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looking Up

I do believe the m/s is starting to let up.  I'm not having to fight the nauseous feeling as much or as hard the past few days.  I've been up more and attempting to do a little more around the house - making meals is still hard as I can't stand the smell of food cooking.

With the warmer weather I've gotten out for a hour or so for the past 3 days with the kids.  Well, I sit on the porch and watch them run and play.  It feels good to be out in the sunshine and I KNOW that they need the exercise. 

Call me crazy but I think I've felt this little baby move on 2 different occasions.  I know it's early, but I felt the other 2 earlier than I was suppose to.  I guess I'm really in tune to my body :)
I've gained 4 pounds!!!  What a difference that is from last pregnancy where I had lost 8 pounds at this point. 
Heartburn has not come (yet) and I'm wondering if it's from throwing up a WHOLE LOT LESS.   The last two times I developed a chronic cough and I was told it was caused by all the acid from throwing up.  This cough was awful and fits of it would cause more vomiting. Both times it went away as soon as baby was born.

Still feeling very tired 24/7.  I had to stop taking my prenatels due to the m/s, so I'm sure I'm getting low on iron.  I have a bottle of Floradix (best iron supplement there is) that I will start taking today.  Probably once it's gone, I will be able to take my vitamins. 

Thank you Lord for an 'easier' pregnancy!!

Today, I plan to put the rest of our seed order together for the garden.  We are using heirloom seeds, so we can save our own seeds year after year!

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