Wednesday, March 17, 2010

11 Week Update

As I was feeling pretty tired yesterday and wondering when my energy would come back, it dawned on me that I stopped taking my 2 hour mid-day nap.  It made me smile to think that maybe I am getting some energy back!  Just a week and a half left in the 1st trimester.
My huge accomplishment this week was that I made an oven roasted chicken dinner with all the trimmings by myself!  And it tasted soooo good. 
My house is starting to look cleaner, except for when the kids leave toys all over the house. 

Finally, we are going to take a road trip to PA this weekend to visit the grandparents.  It will be a very nice diversion for us (me)!

***As I wrote this, baby was really wiggling!***

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Larissa said...

Wow - what a huge difference! You made dinner - and it tasted good! That is huge!