Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Note To Baby

After a long day your Mommy is tired, very tired.  You really need to find a different time to do your water aerobics, because bedtime is NOT a good time for mommy. 

Thank you,
Your Mommy


Larissa said...

But that's the most convenient time to get busy!!! All babies know that! LOL

Janet said...

Thanks for the sympathy, Larissa! :) It was after 11:30 last night and 2 trips to potty (after many bladder punches) that I was FINALLY able to get to sleep. And I still have 14 more weeks of this.

Anna said...

take comfort that its only bladder kicks now. after birth, thats when the real party starts! Kate comes to life between 10:30 ad 11:30, and doesn't go back to sleep until close to 3....shes not hungry or wet; just not tired!

Janet said...

Anna - I'm sorry she is not sleeping. I've been there and know how very hard that is. Eliana slept during the day and at night she wanted to play. It was so hard on us. Praying Kate will get her days and nights straight soon!