Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 14!

Can I already be 14 weeks into this pregnancy?!  Time has seemed to go by faster this time. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have not been as sick as last time. 

We had a beautiful weekend with a high of 79 on Saturday!  That is pretty much unheard of for early April in Vermont.  I was outside as much as I could be.  We went for a family walk (maybe almost a mile and yes, I was and still am sore from it), did lots of watching the kids play, did some yard work and checked out the bulbs that are blooming.  The crocuses are almost done but the first daffodil came out yesterday with many more right behind it.  Ah, Spring is wonderful!

And Today I am pleased to say I do NOT feel sick!!  I almost don't dare hope the m/s is gone for good, but I am praying it is :)  Still taking 8 diclectin a day and if I continue to do good, I will start cutting it back soon. 
Baby is very active, but the movments are not strong enough for anyone else to feel - maybe in another month.  My daughter loves for me to tell her when baby is awake.  It gives her the biggest smile ;)

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Larissa said...

Great news to hear! I do hope the m/s will subside completely for you soon!