Thursday, April 22, 2010

Second Baby's Birth Story

Early in this blog I wrote my birth story with my first, so I thought I would write out my second.

My goal for this birth was to have or at least attempt to have a VBAC.  It was very important to me to find a care provider who would not use any form of induction to start labor, even if I went past my due date.  That being said, the midwives (there were 3 of them) I was seeing assured me this was their practice.  That is, until my 7 month appt when the midwife felt the need to talk about the 'what if's' during my labor.  It was then I got the first red flag.  She said she would use pitocin if my labor stalled at any point.  Even though the chance is low, there is always the possibility of the pitocin over stimulating my uterus and that could lead to rupture.

At this point we changed gears and decided for a homebirth.  My official due date was Dec. 30, 2006.  About 3am on the morning of Dec. 28 we were awakened by our DD (yes, she was not sleeping thru the night yet).  I realized at that point "something" was going on.  Being 9 months pregnant and in the middle of the night, I needed to pee.  I then saw the 'bloody show'.  Great excitement!!  We tried to sleep, but at least for me I couldn't as I was too excited.  Penn went to work that day expecting the call to come home at any point. 
The contractions were very light and not really regular.  They picked up after a long walk my mom took me on but seemed to stop after a nap that afternoon.  A couple of hours later they were back and starting to be timeable.  By 9pm they was no mistaken them for real labor and we called our midwife.

As I labored through the night they got stronger and stronger. At every contraction how much my back hurt so very much - I endured back labor the whole time.  No amount of counter-pressure or heat could relieve the pain (actually I had bruising on my back from how hard I was having them push on my back!)
There was no sleeping this night and I had every hope of having a baby by morning.  Not so! I must have progressed very slowly even though my labor never stalled at any point.

Come morning was I getting very discouraged and tired, both physically and tired of the pain!  We plugged along ALL day long and by evening on the 29th, I was so tired I would sleep between contractions that were 2 minutes apart.  I begged to be taken to the hospital - I wanted pain relief! 
About 7 pm we headed to the hospital where I had started my care, but would now see the OB on call.  I was checked and told I was a very stretchy 8cm - at least I had progressed! It was then they broke my water.   For pain relief I was only offered something in my IV that made me feel dizzy, but took none of the pain away.  Thankfully it wore off fast (they had only given me half the dose) so the dizziness went away soon.

So, 2 hours after getting to the hospital and having my water broken I was told I was ready to push.  I was so tired I had no idea how to push.  The OB was very kind and she helped me through it and after about 40 minutes, my baby was FINALLY born.  But it was not without much damage - he tore me all the way through and gave me 2 hematomas :(  Not a fun recovery, but better than a c/section.

After 24 1/2 hours of labor (I count it as when the contractions got regular) my VBAC baby was born.
He was 9 pounds 1 oz and 22 inches long born at 9:35pm December 29, 2006 
Just days before they guessed he was about 7 pounds!

My biggest fear for this labor and birth is the back labor pain!  I have a high pain tolerance, but man, that pain was bad!  I have been told by many, that more than likely this labor will be a lot faster and easier than my last one.  I pray that is true!


Larissa said...

Was he posterior? I had horrible back pain with Jonathan the entire time as well - it was spine crushing back pain - just terrible. He was posterior, though, which is usually why one has back labor. Your labor sounds alot like my labor with Jonathan. Only I was at a birth center instead of home and then transferred to the hospital. Only mine ended in Csection.
Make sure you always lay on your side and don't sit in a reclining position. From 34 weeks on get on your hands and knees 4-5 times a day for about 15-20 minutes and rock back and forth and from side to side. This helps baby be in optimal position for delivery. I actually did all of that with Rosalie - and she came fast! 36 hour labor with Jonathan - 3 hour labor with Rosalie.

Janet said...

When he came out, he was not posterior. But they had felt his head moving back and forth before he came out. He had a lot of bruising at the back of his neck, so the theory is that he kept moving his head and pushing on my spine. I agree that it is the worst pain!! I will do as you say, and pray this baby comes out in 3 hours!!!!