Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yesterday was my routine pre-natal appointment.  We brought along the kids who have been waiting for so long to hear Baby's heartbeat.  The look on their faces when they heard it was so special - it was a look of amazement with jaws down to their feet!
Baby proved hard to find and would move as soon as the doppler picked up the heartbeat...... hmmmm..... just like Eliana did. When we did find it, it was between 155-160, so still high.   Baby has plenty of space to move and hide as I'm measuring large with my uterus already to my belly button (about 4 weeks ahead).  No, I'm not really worried about twins (though the kids would LOVE it), as I really think we would have found heartbeats easier than we did it there was more than one in there. 

Other than that my blood pressure was great - 114/60 and I gained 3 pounds since last time. 

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Larissa said...

What a great appointment! Sounds like all is going well! I am so glad to hear it!