Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ups and Downs

That's what it feels like I've been going through.  I have been praying and pleading with God to spare this sickness from me, to have mercy on me.  The first day I took the diclectin, I was so exctied since it took all sick feelings away.  My best guess is that as the HG was getting worse everyday, the diclectin was not working as well.  After much reading on motherisk (a Canadian website), I learned that I was taking the min. dosage of diclectin and often times women who have more severe m/s are told to take more. 
So, I doubled up on the tablets (after an awful day on Sunday) and I am pleased to say that it is helping.  I am by no means "perfect", but at least I can function - something that was not the case with my other pregnancies. 

**Canadian studies have shown that taking up to 12 diclectin a day does not change the baseline risk of 1% to 3% chance of birth defects in ALL pregnancies.

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