Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost out


I'm almost out of my Diclectin :(  I placed a reorder on Feb 5th, but as of today's mail I haven't gotten it.  If I cut back and take one at bedtime tonight and tomorrow, I will have a full dose for 2am thursday.
I will have to get some unisom if it doesn't come tomorrow.  I wonder how well the b6 and unisom will control the HG?  I'm not looking forward to the effects if it doesn't. 

Word of advise - place your reorder way before you need it!


Larissa said...

Has increasing the dose helped you get through your days? I hope it comes soon, Janet - I am afraid that you won't be nearly as satisfied with the OTC version.
Praying for you still!

Janet said...

Well, I'm still doing my share of gagging and feeling sick. I'm up to 8 x of throwing up. Still not very bad considering what it was like with the others.

Anna said...

yay, that's great that it came in time! Hope it keeps helping you feel good! =)