Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where To Give Birth?

Since you asked Larissa I thought I might as well make it a post, after all, this is my pregnancy journal.

First baby was a birth center with midwives, that ended with scheduled c/section.

Second baby started with midwives, but changed to homebirth midwife.  After 22 hours of back labor, I begged for the hospital where our baby was born via VBAC.

Now, with this baby I am using the o/b who delivered #2.  It's an hour drive one way, but I really liked her and I trust her.  She is more 'midwife minded' than the midwives I started with for baby #2.  She helped me get the Diclectin and will not induce me if I go late.  I can even see her for ALL my prenatal visits. 

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Larissa said...

She sounds great! I had a wonderful OB that was very hands off. He was perfectly fine with me going late. Even though I had a previous Csection, he was the one that reminded me (at the end when I was begging to get the baby out of me) that intervention on his part could lead to another Csection. (Remember my hands - and how I could hardly tolerate the pain?