Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very Tired

I'm not sleeping!  I've never had this problem with the other pregnancies and wonder why I'm getting it now. 
I lay in bed for hour after hour and when I finally fall asleep it's such a light sleep, that I wake at the smallest noise (last night it was my boy's stuffy nose). 
After 5 nights of this, it's really hitting me today.  Since my boy has a little cold, I think we will have a low key day and hang out on the couch together.  I sure am thankful for laptops!

1 comment:

Larissa said...

I think I had that problem with one of my pregnancies. I don't remember which one, though.

I hope you can get some much needed sleep soon.

I didn't ask you what your plan was for delivery this time. Home, hospital?