Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've been wanting to write about something for many months, but alas 3 children keep me plenty busy and away from this blog.  Plus I would much rather spend time with my children then on the computer!  They grow so fast and I want to enjoy every moment of it.

The HG has left a lasting effect on me and that is: Fear.  Fear of what?  It is fear of getting sick and throwing up.  Twice this year my family has gotten a stomach bug that resulted in vomiting.   The feeling that overcame me was an incredible urge to run. Where?  Anywhere as long as it was away from the sickness.  The last thing I wanted to do was look into a toilet bowl.  Anyone who has spent 9 months fighting NVP knows what I am talking about.

How did I get through this journey?  Prayer.  Much prayer, 1st, that God would spare me from the sickness and, 2nd, that God would give me the strength to take care of my family without fear.  It wasn't easy, but each time God was faithful and brought me through the journey without getting sick!

I don't know how I will react the next time my family gets sick, but I do know that my God will be there by my side helping me whether I get sick or not, because he has promised He will never leave me or forsake me.   I do not need to fear anything with Him.


Diana J. said...

Your faith is inspirational!! :)

I too have a post-HG super-fear of stomach bugs (as well as pregnancy and any other cause of nausea). And I have noticed that my body now responds differently to stomach bugs than it did pre-HG (I've had two stomach bugs post-HG). Yucky stuff.

Glad to see you writing!

LarissaDHolland said...

I would never pretend to know what HG would be like - and I know how badly you suffered ... but I do want to say that I feel the same way when the stomach bug hits our home. I just want to run! The dread of it hitting each one of us one by one ... and hoping that before it hits me I'll be able to take care of all the others.
I am sorry to hear that it has hit you twice this year.
God is faithful! I completely understand how a panic could set in for you having endured what you have endured.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog from a random google search. I'm preggo with our 3rd child. I had HG with the first two and was terrified of this third pregnancy, but am amazed that this time it's just normal morning sickness only throwing up once or twice a day. I am grateful to hear you writing about HG. I have felt the opposite way about the stomach flu...I always think, "Pssshht I got this! I survived 9 months of constant throwing way a couple days of it will knock me down this time!"

Janet said...

Anonymus - So glad to hear pregnancy #3 is without HG! I'm sure you are very thankful!

Mimi said...

I'm going through my 2nd HG pregnancy right now and I've had so many fears and phobias related to the HG! The emotional trauma of going through HG really is long-lasting...