Tuesday, July 12, 2011


*Update - after using the Earth Best diapers for a week now, I have decided that I do not like them.  There is a different feel to this diaper (almost a plastic feel) and Wilhelm has gotten a horible diaper rash with the smallest of pee in the diaper.  The feel of the diaper leads me to believe it is not as breathable as the Huggies.  I will not be getting these diapers again.*

I've been reading another HG blog and that Mama is trying to figure out what the best "natural" diaper is.  Since I have 3 of the kinds she is researching I offered to post a picture for her to see.  The kind that I don't have, but have used in Seventh Generation.  They were a little stiff (nothing too bad), and worked well. 

Left to Right - Nature Babycare(sz 1), Earth Best(sz 4) and Huggies Pure & Natural(sz 4).  The first 2 are very square and are bulky between my baby's legs.  The huggies had the best shape as the actual diaper padding follows the green line on the diaper.

Back waist of Nature Babycare has no elastic. 

Earth's Best has a small elastic.  Wilhelm put this diaper to the test in a big way and it passed! Surprisingly this diaper has a slight feeling of plastic on the outside.

Huggies Pure and Natural has the best elastic and is by far the softest and the best shape for a baby.  In smaller size diapers that back waistband acts as a poop stopper - it prevented so many up the back poops for us.

As far as I remember, only the Seventh Generation diapers did not leave the gel deposits on his bottom.  What this ingredient is, I don't know, but it's in the Huggies, Earth Best and I'm pretty sure the Nature's Babycare.

As of now, my first choice is Huggies Pure and Natural.  I am able to get a good $ from target since they let you use one Manufacture coupon and a Target coupon (so 2 coupons) for each pack of diapers.  And often times they have buy 2 packs of diapers get a $5. gift card.


knockedupknockedover said...

Eek! It's not letting me post my comment for some reason. Let me try again. :) This is an awesome post. I really appreciate the pictures. It helps to hear from a mom who has tried the diapers side-by-side herself. I will definitely be linking in here!

DarKScoRpioN said...

I would think the Seventh Generation Diapers is one of the top choices in the market. Rash free, chlorine free and on top of that - environmentally friendly. My baby stop developing rashes ever since I used it. Read more about the Seventh Generation Diapers.