Friday, August 6, 2010

What a Day

It started last night with lots of contractions that continued this morning.  We finally decided to call the doctor and like we thought, they had me come in.  Thankfully the contractions are only braxton hick contractions and not the real ones. 
But, there was the possibility that my water was leaking.  Up we went for an ultrasound to check the fluid level.  That turned out okay, but we were then told they only saw a 2 vessel cord for the baby.  Good news in the baby's head is down, but so is the placenta and they were not able to see exactly where the placenta is.  Right now they have me using some test strips to see if my water is leaking.  Then on Tuesday I go for another ultrasound to check for placenta previa and also a full anatomy scan on the baby. 

Now I'm just trying not to worry and praying that everything is okay with the baby. 

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Larissa said...

Fervently praying for you through this weekend and beyond. I got your latest email - and I am glad to hear that it appears you are not leaking fluid.

Hang in there. (((HUGS)))