Sunday, August 29, 2010

35 Weeks

Everything is looking great!  I am no longer on restrictions and can be up and about.  Baby is free to come when it wants to.......I keep telling myself that I will probably go late, though I hope it's not true.  My hips hurt so bad and one would laugh to see me walk, or my attempt at walking. 
For some reason (and I'm fine with it) I have not gained any weight in the past month....but my stomach keeps getting bigger and is stretching my clothes to their limit....hmmm, I wonder how big this baby is going to be.
I'm trying to prevent my episodes of low blood pressure.  I've had a couple times where it was about 86/54 and was very dizzy.  I've actually never experienced a room spinning before.  Gatorade was recommended and I did drink some, but would prefer something more natural.  I found that the packets of Emergen C has what the Gatorade does and a lot more good stuff (and no junk). 

We have the baby stuff out and it feels good to ready for baby.  Still waiting on the new crib and that is due to be delivered on Tuesday.  Bags are packed for the hospital, carseat base is in the car..... we are ready!


Larissa said...

YAY! Hopefully baby will come sooner than later. Why did you have to get a new crib?

Sleepwalker said...

I had hyperemesis for my entire pregnancy along with pelvic instability and other things. I call it my pokemon pregnancy as I had to collect them all! I only just found your blog and I just wanted to say how brave I think you've been for going through it more than once. What a courageous wife you are and you must love being a mother very much. I hope your labour goes smoothly, if there's any justice in the world you deserve a really easy labour. Well done and you're almost there now.

Janet said...

Larissa -- I needed a new crib because my old was recalled for two different reasons. Since the company was no longer in business, there was no repair option. After considering fixing it for a long time, we finally took it back to the store and got a credit for it. I don't know if you still have yours, but pretty much all drop side cribs have been recalled and next year the governmnet is banning them.

Sleepwalker -- Thanks for your kind words. I do pray this is an easier labor than the last one. My husband and I do love children and yes, it's a hard sacrifice on my part while pregnant. In the end it is all worth it.
Do you have Diclectin avail where you are? It REALLY helped control the HG this pregnancy.

Sleepwalker said...

I haven't heard of it and I read everything I could find about how to get rid of nausea and sickness here in the UK. I tried every morning sickness remedy under the sun (it is NOT morning sickness!) and eventually I was prescribed tablets which helped a bit but I really had to fight to get anything.

I found that coca cola helped settle my stomach a tiny bit and the ingredients are similar to an antiemetic syrup in the USA. I'd been avoiding it due to caffeine so didn't drink it until very late. After reading some scientific papers, I did take B vitamins but pregnancy multivitamins made me really sick. Nothing helped except the tablets really. I took my folic acid at night to keep it down.

My baby is made of my reserves plus milk and cornflakes. I couldn't keep anything down and was only couple of pounds over my start weight at the end of the pregnancy so she is basically made of me. I had one magic meal I could sometimes manage - pasta with three cheese sauce and pancetta. I often saw it again though so no idea why it sometimes stayed inside. It was just a case of trying to eat a bowl of cereal so quickly that it didn't register with my stomach and then lying really still. That didn't often work either!

There's quite a long post on my blog about my experience of what worked or didn't - take a peak.

Sleepwalker said...

Here is the URL for my 'notes from the bathroom floor' post:

I'll be reading more of your blog to see what has helped you. Someone who reads my blog had steroids to help but I don't know how common that is, she was in hospital on a drip for about 17 weeks. I managed to avoid dehydration by drinking milk when I wasn't able to keep anything down. My neighbour couldn't even swallow her own saliva when she was pregnant and ended up on a drip.

Janet said...

I must say that this pregnancy the HG was "controlled" Unlike my last pregnancy where I lost 8 pounds by 11 weeks along, I didn't lose any weight this time. I ate a lot of canned fruit, frozen pizzas, cheese or anything else I thought I could keep down.
The USA does not have Diclectin so I had to get it from Canada, but it was well worth it!