Friday, July 23, 2010


There is a new symptom I've been dealing with the whole pregnancy, something I've not had with the others.....and that is insomnia :(   
I was so tired around 7:30 this eveninng and ready for sleep, but once I laid down my restless legs started in and the pain from them being swollen started in.  Once that starts, I'm wide awake and can't sleep. 

I am really counting down the days till my due date!!  Of course then I will have a baby to keep me up - so no relief in sight. 


Anna said...

Ugh! I struggled with insomnia all through my pregnancy with Kate. NO fun. I hope you can find a way to cope. For me, it was putting a movie on, and 20-30 minutes later I would fall asleep on the couch. I borrowed them from the library, so I had a week to watch them until they were due back, and saw them in 20 minute increments. =) Meanwhile, I hope you can get some rest during the daytime!

Janet said...

Thanks Anna! I ended up going back to bed and being asleep by 1am and was able to sleep till 8 this morning. I'm still pretty tired, though. I used to get movies from the library - good idea. Last night I elevated my legs on the couch and read blogs, news, etc. on the computer.

Is Kate sleeping any better now? If it's not too hot, we plan to be in church tomorrow (I don't handle the heat well, that's why I was in the nursery).